Maybe you're a call center or answering service? With voipMD, free up your staff by providing all the tools they need in a single app.

voipMD works with all operating systems and mobile devices. Have Remote Staff? No Problem! As long as your employees have a working internet connection, enable your staff to work quickly with less places to click.

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What we’re made of

Small Footprint
Our team is small to provide the best customer experience.
Local Service
We have offices in NY, MI, CA and FL.
99.999% Uptime
Never miss a call. Our system is designed with full redundancy.
HIPAA Compliant
Security is baked right into our products so you can just work.

Hear from business owners like you

voipMD works with all size businesses achieve their goals. We help them provide great customer service either by phone, by text or my video meetings.

"I operate a 50 person call center who specializes in scheduling and dispatching Medical Transportation for the Elderly. voipMD worked with my staff to train and implement our new phone service quickly. So easy to use!"

Cecile Rogers, CEO, Rogers Medical Transport Services

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Real-Time Call Analytics - Why your business should know

Real-time call analytics have emerged as a crucial tool, providing businesses with valuable insights into their communication strategies.

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Teleheath by voipMD

Video meetings and telehealth services break down geographical barriers, providing patients with easy access to medical consultations from the comfort of their homes.

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Secure Team Messaging by voipMD

Healthcare providers, administrators, and professionals routinely share sensitive patient information, making it imperative to adhere to stringent regulations like HIPAA. Traditional methods of communication are no longer sufficient in meeting the demands of modern healthcare.

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I have several doctors that work from my office in New York. Each one has their own phone line and VOIPMD makes it easy for us to keep our patients separate. No need for extra software is also very nice. Thanks VOIPMD!

Dr Jessica Monroe

VOIPMD made it easy for my staff to provide our patients with an easy way to communicate with our practice on their terms. I'm glad we switched from Spectrum!

Dr. Jason Wassman

Switching was easy! Before VOIPMD, we had to click through several login pages to communicate with patients. Now, we can accomplish it all from a single app! So much faster to get work done.

Sarah Hopkins

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We Live and Breathe our own product because if we want our customers to trust us, we need to trust ourselves first.

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