Q: Does my business really need voipMD?

A: If you run a business, how does your customer communicate with you? 33% of Americans prefer Text Messaging over Voice, but Voice services are still very important. Voice is one of the fastest ways to communicate an issue, or get quick answers to a question. Your business should have voice service to enhance your customer experience. If you are a Medical Practice, being in HIPAA compliance is a requirement to ensure you take every aspect of HIPAA and applying it to every part of your business, including Voice services.

Q: Can I use my new VOIP service anywhere?

A: Yes. You can use your service anywhere in the world where reliable Internet is available. There are multiple different ways to use the service including desk phones, desktop softphone applications, and a mobile phone application. No matter where your employees are, they will be able to easily communicate with your clients.

Q: Can I really use voipMD on any device?

A: YES! Our platform is compatible with Windows Desktop, mac OS(Laptops and Desktops), mac iOS(iPhone), iPad OS, Android Mobile and tablets as well on the web! As long as you have a reliable internet connection through Ethernet, Wifi or LTE/5G, your service will work with voipMD!

Q: Will my VOIP phone service still work if the Internet goes out?

A: VOIP does require high speed Internet to operate. However, when planning your new phone infrastructure, we will examine all options to ensure redundancy. One way to complete this where applicable installing a secondary Internet connection. Keep in mind that at any point, all calls can be forwarded to cellular devices, home office locations, or anywhere else. There are many redundancies build into voipMD in case of an Internet outage.

Q: How does VOIP work?

A: VOIP is essentially phone service “in the cloud”. When somebody calls your business, your call would be routed to a cloud server, which is then relayed to the cloud PBX system. The cloud PBX system rings your phones in the way it is configured, and then one of your employee’s answers the call. Although this sounds complicated, it all happens in milliseconds.

Q: Why choose VOIP instead of a regular phone system?

A: Before COVID regular P.O.T.S (plain old telephone systems) were adequate to handle the telephony needs of business. However, businesses that are still using P.O.T.S systems have probably learned since COVID that those systems are not flexible. Need to forward your calls to a different number? You will end up on the phone with your provider for a very long time. With VOIP, this can be done in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse. COVID has shown us that VOIP is the way of the future as employees work more from outside the office setting.

Q: Can I port my existing number to voipMD?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We have yet to come across a phone number that isn't compatible with VoIP service. We have handled well over 200 phone numbers both in porting existing numbers or ordering new ones. Phone Number porting does take a little bit of time to process so you should allow up to 15 days for a porting request to be completed. We'll handle all of this for you. It's a simple process for you but our team will ensure a smooth transition from your current provider to Tekie Voice.

Q: How does Texting Service work with voipMD?

A: Our service is compatible with 1:1 texting. What this means is each employee is assigned a DiD(Direct Dial Number) that a customer can text them on. Only this assigned user can see the messages between them and their customers. We are working on 1:MANY service which should be released by Q2 2024.

Q: What Devices are compatible with Tekie Voice?

A: Tekie Voice works with all major VoIP Phone manufacturers such as Poly, Cisco, Yealink, and Grandstream. Our service is also compatible with legacy systems such as Panasonic, Samsung, Avaya and most on-site PBX systems. You can more than likely use your existing devices so long as they are unlocked or can be unlocked and factory reset.

Q: What is a Segment?

A: A segment is a message up to 160 words. When sending a photo via text, this consumes One segment. This is factored bi-directional, meaning when you both send and receive a message, it consumes a segment.

Q: How do I know how many text segments I need?

A: If you frequently communicate with your customers via text message, you can determine this from your current provider. If they provide reports, you can run that report and determine your average monthly texting volume. If you are unsure, you can always subscribe to a larger segment plan and downgrade later on. As you know your business best, you can determine your slow communication months and your busy communication months to help determine your overall cost. Since we utilize a per-segment cost in our backend, we transfer all costs to your customer account automatically, meaning if you go over, you'll be charged an overage fee per segment. Our overage fee is $0.039 per text segment.

Q: Is there a size limit for picture messages?

A: Yes. You are allowed an image with the total size of 3.5MB. This is a limitation for proper carrier integration and is not something we can change. Some carriers have different size limitations, but the common size is 3.5MB.

Q: Can I use Emojis in text messages?

A: Yes! You can go wild with emojis but this counts as a segment if sent on it's own. Emojis are considered an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Message.

Q: Can I use voipMD for marketing campaigns?

A: No. You are not allowed to use our service to send marketing campaigns. Your account is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Q: Can I send an unlimited number of messages a month?

A: Yes, technically you can send or receive as many messages as you want. Your plan will cover all messages up to the plan amount selected. After you have reached your plan limit, all messages will be billed at $0.039 a segment.

Q: How are you HIPAA compliant?

A: We have set industry-standards for all aspects of our network. This includes Multi-Factor authentication, Audit and User Controls, Regular attack testing and many more. For security purposes, we cannot disclose exactly how we ensure HIPAA compliance, but by following all regulations, we are HIPAA compliant. All phone calls can be encrypted upon request (if you are not a medical business customer). All other services are encrypted by default.

Q: Are my voice devices encrypted?

A: If you are a Medical Services customer, your devices are encrypted by default. We have the ability to turn this off for non-medical customers upon request. However, we do not believe your voice services should operate unencrypted for your protection.

Q: Are my Text Messages Encrypted?

A: Yes! All messages are stored and transmitted encrypted. Once that message hits your customers device, it is up to them to ensure their data is protected.

Q: Are Boomea Video Meetings encrypted?

A: Yes! All video meetings regardless of if they are being used for Telehealth or webinars, are encrypted.

Q: Are Conference Calls encrypted?

A: If you are a medical business customer, all voice calls are encrypted. Since a conference bridge is done through a device or our app, all conference calls are encrypted.

Q: Can I record my phone calls?

A: Local laws govern your use of call recording. Our office is based and operates out of New York City. New York City is a "One-Party Consent" state meaning that only one party needs to consent to call recording. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are following your local laws when activating call recording.

Q: Where are call recordings stored?

A: We store call recordings for 90 days. You can access call recordings via the web by using your login on our portal or on the Boomea Desktop app. If provided proper permissions by your administrator, you can view, download or share call recordings. You can decrease the time call recordings are stored based on your local laws, if required.

Q: How long are call recordings stored for?

A: 90 days is the default duration for call recording storage. You will have 90 days to determine what to do with a call recording. You can download, lock or share call recordings.

Q: Can I use the desktop app on a Mac?

A: Yes! You can download the Boomea Desktop app and use it on your Apple Laptop or desktop.

Q: Can I use the app on Windows?

A: Yes! You can download the Boomea Desktop app to your Windows Desktop or laptop.

Q: Can I use the app on Linux?

A: Maybe. Although we have not fully tested our app on the Linux operating system, it can be used on Linux. You will require some advanced knowledge of Linux to accomplish downloading, installing and running our app on Linux.

Q: What can I do on the desktop app?

A: You can use all of our features on the desktop app which include: Make/Recieve phone calls, Teams Messaging, To-Do, Tasks, Call Notes, Access Call Recordings, Access Voicemail messages, Call Center and Text Messages.

Q: Can I view Voicemail Messages on the desktop app?

A: Yes! You can access your voicemail messages on the Boomea Desktop app.

Q: Can I see Voicemail Transcriptions on the desktop app?

A: Yes! You can view and delete voicemail transcriptions on the desktop app.

Q: Can I use Call Center on the desktop app?

A: Yes! If your administrator has provided you proper permissions, you can use the Call Center Features on the Desktop App.

Q: Can I control how calls are handled for my extension on the desktop app?

A: Yes! You can control how your extension rings directly on the desktop app. You can program up to five devices for your extension and control how your devices ring on the desktop app. The Desktop App takes one device slot as it allows for making and receiving calls for your extension.

Q: Can I send messages on the desktop app?

A: Yes! If you are subscribed to one of our Team Messaging plans, you can send Public Group Messages, Private Group Messages and Direct messages on the Boomea Desktop app.

Q: Can I use Emoji's on the desktop app?

A: Yes! You can send emoji's on the desktop app while using Teams Messaging.

Q: Can I view Voicemail messages on the mobile app?

A: Yes! You can view your Voicemail messages on the mobile app.

Q: Can I send text messages on the mobile app?

A: Yes! You can send and receive text messages on the mobile app.

Q: Can I send picture messages on the mobile app?

A: Yes! You can send and receive picture messages on the mobile app.

Q: Can I see call history on the mobile app?

A: Yes! You can see call history for your extension on the mobile app.

Q: Can I see other employees status on the mobile app?

A: Yes! You can view presence of other employees on the mobile app.

Q: Can I control Find Me/Follow me on the mobile app?

A: Yes! You can control how your extension rings on the mobile app.

Q: How many people can attend a video meeting?

A: You can host up to 30 people on the Boomea Dekstop app. Depending on the plan you choose, you may be limited to a certain number of attendees per meeting.

Q: Is Boomea Video Meetings Secure?

A: Yes! You can set a unique password for each session and share that password with your customer so the can access the meeting.

Q: Can I use a webcam with Boomea Video Meetings?

A: Yes! You can use any webcam or video device compatible with your computer with Boomea Video Meetings

Q: Is Boomea Video Meetings a separate app?

A: No! Boomea Video Meetings is part of the Boomea Desktop app. This means you don't need another piece of software to work with Video Meetings.

Q: Can I record Video Meetings?

A: As of October 2023, Boomea Video Meetings does not provide the recording of Video Meetings. We plan to release this update soon. Regardless, local laws govern the recording of meetings. New York is considered a "One-Party Consent" state meaning that one party must consent (you) to recording. It is professional courtesy to inform your customer if you plan on recording a Video Meeting session. Although, they will be notified automatically, you should still practice getting consent before recording a Video Meeting.

Q: How do I use Boomea Video Meetings for Telehealth?

A: Simple, by setting up a meeting in the Boomea Desktop app, you share out the link for your meeting including the unique meeting ID and password. Then, you patient or customer can download to Boomea Meetings app and join in. The End-User Boomea Meeting app can be downloaded for Apple, Windows and Android devices.

Q: How do I ensure my fax messages are HIPAA Compliant?

A: You must use email encryption to send and receive fax messages via email or an ATA box connected to a physical faxing device. Only the Fax to Machine plan is considered HIPAA compliant without any additional steps.

Q: Is Fax to Email HIPAA Compliant?

A: No. You are required to use Email Encryption for Fax to Email to be HIPAA Compliant. voipMD offers Secure Email Services should you want to utilize Fax to Email service.

Q: What is an ATA device?

A: An ATA or Analog Telephone Adapter converts voip service to a plain old telephone line that allows you to connect your fax machine to our service. This device is required for HIPAA compliant faxing. The ATA uses a device slot within your phone plan.

Q: What is Team Messaging?

A: If you run a business with a team, how do you communicate? With apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and others, you are required to download an app. With our Boomea Desktop app, you can make and receive phone calls, messages, texts, host video meetings and check your voicemail. No need to download yet another app to communicate with staff. Our Desktop app handles everything you business needs to efficiently operate and communicate with your staff.

Q: Can I set up different groups or departments with Team Messaging?

A: Yes! You can set up a separate Public or Private channel for each team or department within your business. There, you can share permissions for individual staff members on what they can or cannot access.

Q: Can I send a team member a private message with Team Messaging?

A: Yes! You can have private one on one messages with team members.

Q: Can I share photos and documents with Team Messaging?

A: Yes! You can share pictures, documents and emojis with Team Messaging.

Q: Is Team Messaging Secure?

A: Yes! Team Messaging is HIPAA compliant which ensures the security of the content within all channels.

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