A patient takes many things into factor when looking for a doctor they feel comfortable with.

Why not Wow them right from the beginning by allowing them to communicate with your Practice on their terms. 33% of American Adults prefer Text Messaging over Talking to someone. voipMD makes it our goal to allow you to achieve Top Quality Care however your patient prefers.

Our Leadership

Daniel Gagnon

Founder, CEO

Daniel is an entrepreneur at heart and the experience to back it. With several years under his belt working for one of the fastest growing Urgent Care Centers in New York, Daniel has first-hand experience with both Patient Care and Doctor Management. His drive is to provide effective solutions to the every-day individual with whatever he sets his mind on.

Alex Hernandez

Sales, CTO

Alex (Short for Alexander) has been in the Managed Healthcare IT sector for nearly 15 years. Starting in IT for an Urgent Care Center, Alex saw first-hand how quickly issues can spiral out of control. HIPAA Compliance is his specialty. By working directly with our Parent Company, Tekie, Alex has serviced all of our Doctor Customers in achieving 100% HIPAA compliance within their practice. He understands the frustrations with Compliance, so you don’t need to.

Our Team

Isaiah Hernandez

Account Manager - Detroit

Isaiah works in our Remote office in Detroit. He is your first-line when it comes to support issues and understands that when you experience an issue, you need it resolved fast. He has worked with doctors on a daily basis and understands their needs. From Integrations to SaaS Services, he has the experience needed for your practice to flourish.

Pamela Hamilton

Client Service - Detroit

Pamela works in our Remote Detroit Office. She ensures your services are in working order as well as handles any billing concerns. Also acting as our Dispatcher for Support Services, Pamela understands your issue and conveys it to our team to make sure your issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Marcus Friedman

Technical Services - Spokane

Marcus handles all of our technical aspects. From Securing our Servers to setting best-practices for voIP, Marcus is the guy that does all the backend work. He ensures our 99.999% uptime so that you can just work. With over 15+ years in Telecommunications experience, he has seen it all.

Let’s Grow Together

We Live and Breathe our own product because if we want our customers to trust us, we need to trust ourselves first.

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